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Taylor Mesple - All the While
(2009 Record Label - BMI)

Molle O'Brien
"You really want to work with Christian Teele. He shows up well prepared for each tune and has lots of great ideas for you to choose from. He's flexible, won't complain if you think your ideas are better than his, and he's on time ! He really gets the music, listens to it and as a result you've got a drummer that's to die for both in the studio and at the gig."
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Christian Teele

About Christian Teele
"If you don't have good time, you've got nothing."

It was with these words from his father that Christian Teele set off on a life long pursuit of the perfect groove. This path has taken him on a virtual world tour of rhythms from Cuba, Brazil, Nigeria and India, studying how different cultures approach the task of marking time. From this melting pot of rhythms, he has developed his own sound that people have come to know and seek out for their projects.

Christian is best known for his work as the house drummer for the internationally syndicated radio show, E Town, where he has backed up artists such as James Taylor, Rickie Lee Jones, David Crosby, Ben Harper, Moby, Joan Osborne and many others. In addition to playing on E-Town, Christian is also an accomplished session drummer, lending his talents to hundreds of records as well as music for film and TV. Most recently, he has launched his own online service, , where, recording in his own home studio, he adds drum and percussion tracks to projects from all over the world.

Christian also keeps busy playing live with a wide range of local artists, including Rebecca Folsom, Dave Beegle and Trace Bundy as well as filling in for national acts in need of a drummer as they come through Colorado. Some past shows have included playing with Donna Summer, William Topley and Commander Cody. Currently, Christian also runs a successful teaching practice where he works with students of all ages, sharing the knowledge gathered from his extensive and widely-varied background. Having taught for over 20 years, he is able to tailor the lessons to the needs of the student, helping them achieve their musical goals.

Chances are you've already heard Christian in a number of places; on TV, with shows like Oprah, Anderson Cooper 360, 20/20 and Desperate Housewives; in movies such as A Guy Thing, Friends With Money and 3000 Miles to Graceland; on the radio every week with E-Town on over 200 stations around the globe; or on stage at music festivals like Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Rocky Grass or Strawberry Music Festival.

In what ever situation he plays in, Christian leaves his distinctive mark. Producer Taylor Mesple had this to say: "'s just unthinkable to try to forge ahead on a project without his involvement".